Forensic architecture [11/7/08]

The main portion of my former kitchen cabinets were installd circa 1954 (judging from the newspaper we found in the wall – more on that later. The 10’x6′ shelf/cabinet combo was fabricated as a complete unit and then shoved into place, meaning the back and top of the cabinets formed part of the back wall and ceiling. So when we pulled it out, as a unit, because we really ahd no choice, it rained insulation.

Consequently, I have learned how to cut, mount and tape drywall.

4 days into the project and most of the wall units are up, and most of the floor units are in place. I’ve run into a stalling point cutting the counter-top, so we still have no sink. Or counter.

I’m a few beers past photos (besides, everything in my house is piled on top of everything else, including the camera).

Always suspected, but confirmed at a recent social gathering: if I’m around more than 4 other adults, I don’t have tworry about starting the fire. One of them will reveal as a bigger pyro than I am.

Remember the stop-action X-mas show “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer”? Didn’t something abiout that bother you? You were right!

Zombie Haiku by famous poets. No further explanation required.

Now you know.

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