More late game turnovers [11/11/08]

Both the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals, while not considered contenders are headed for the playoffs. Both played teams that are, well, not headed for the playoffs. And both teams struggled mightily to prevail in what should have been easy contests at home.

Steve Nash had as many TO’s as assists, contributing to 19 turn-overs as a team. Grizzlies rookie OJ Mayo is For Real, scoring 33 points. BUT it took him 23 shots to get there. In contrast, Suns guard Leandro Barbosa shot 10-13, including the go ahead 3 pointer with seconds left. Then Nash nailed free throws.

The San Francisco 49ers’ traded trunovers and stoopid penalties with the Cards throughout the 4th quarter. Seriously, I think they set a Monday Night Football record for penalties in the second half. Late hits, off-sides, stupid things. In the end though, the Niners made the last mistakes as time ran out, and the Cards squeaked by with a 5 point win.

The true heros were the refs, who worked hard to sort out conflicting penalties on what seemed to be every damn play. In the end, they got almost all of them right. So someone was on top of their game tonight.

A few remaining drops of election knowledge: Outstanding election result cartograms. And 50 things you may not have known about the President Elect.

The Phoenix Mars lander officially ran out of sunlight, and therefore power as the Martian pole drifts into winter.

And some perspective on the national debt.

WordPress will not flag “stoopid” as a mis-spelled word.

And I can unclog my dishwasher with a length of wire and a Shop-vac. Hooray!

Now you know

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