Variety show [11/9/08]

So the last four days I have been running followspot for the Sin City West variety show. While that duty was not particularly arduous, it was time consuming, and I had no real internet access. I did, however, get some reading done.

Galactic North, by Allistair Reynolds is a collection of shorts and novellas based in the same Revelation Space setting as several of his novels. Several of the stories explore either the origins or the ultimate fates of characters that apparently appeared in some of the novels. I don’t know. This is the only R-Space work (or Reynods work FTM) that I’ve read so far. I’ll read more, but I suspects this collection is better appreciated after reading some of the longer works.

Outstanding stuff in any case. All the good hard SF writers seem to come from Britain these days, and Reyonolds is foremost among them for a reason.

My daughter normally plays on-line games that involve magic ponies, or dfressing-up some doll. Then  I find her playing this. The most disturbing part is not how good she was at it, but how much she giggles…

Marine scientists may have found the common ancestor of all octopi, among other things. In unrelated news, workers at a German aquarium caught their octopus juggling hermit crabs. More about the octopus here.

Big Pharma is already preparing to whine when the Obama admin starts reviewing (and presumably improving) the Bushco gutted FDA.

One more thing: Simply Fishing has published my article on Night Fishing in the desert reservoirs. Kinda wished it came out in August, when I submitted it, but this beats having the article killed.

Now you know.

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