My book is out!!! [11/3/08]

Well, it is – judging from the dozen copies that materialized on my porch this afternoon.

It’s my blog – I can be exited if I want to be.

Day and Overnight Hikes in the Tonto National Forest

by Tony Padegimas (link is from the publisher.)
Many thanks to all those who helped out on this!



3 thoughts on “My book is out!!! [11/3/08]

  1. Looks really interesting–even though I’m a resident of New England, I had a great time hiking in AZ one vacation–I wonder if Picacho Peak is in your book? Did some other oddball hikes like Heliograph and Miller Peak, plus had failed attempt on Humphreys (April–lots of snow–we had snowshoes but we lost the trail). I hope we’ll be back, and we’ll certainly use your book!

  2. All of the hikes you mentioned are closer to Tucson, except Humphrey’s of course, which is near Flagstaff. The Tonto NF is north and east of the Phoenix metro area. If’n yer a peak-bagger, and it seems from your site that your are, you’d want to check out the Pinal Mountains just south of Globe.

    If you can’t find my book – and this goes for everybody – or you’re not hiking in the Tonto proper, the best resource on the web is, which I’ll add to the blogroll.

    Thanks for reading and sharing.


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