TED-Fed, Kenyan Goat Condoms and AZ ballot props [10/7/08]

Some quick thoughts before The debate starts, and my mind wholly descends into national politics.

Always eager to find some way to explain abstract concepts in sound-bytes, the econowonks on the news shows now refer to the TED-Spread, which is not a porno term. This number supposedly indicates relative tightness of the international credit market. The highre the number, the harder to borrow. I found it well explained by Econobrowser and Seeking Alpha. Note how spikes in the TED Spread do not neccessarily predict total economic catastrophe…

One of many ways Kenyan farmers are trying to cope with the ongoing drought is putting condoms on goats. OK, its’ not really a condom, but the “olor” as its’ called does prevent the billy’s from getting it on.

So there’s a new word.

Now, local politics:

I recieved a mailing about a plan to merge 14 Phoenix area school districts into one mega-district. combining our district with just over 10,000 students into a district with over 100,000 students (the Alhambra District is the second largest of the 14 districts).

This came from some re-districting commission, but is adamently opposed by all the districts involved, and no one wrote in favor of it in the publicity pamphlet. I couldn’t name a single school board member in my district, but I still like the fact thatw e have a locally elected school board.

So I’ll be voting no.

AZ Proposition 200 is the Payday Loan Reform Act, written and supported by that industry. They must reform themselves because the 10 year window on the state law that makes them possible expires in 2010, and there is no momentum to renew it at the legislature.

Self-regulating industries have a poor performance record. I’ll vote no.

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