DIY Earthquake Detection on a dark and stormy night [10/1/08]

Apparently, I need to vent a bit yesterday. Today, we lighten up substantially.

Laptops, such as the one I use right now, have motion sensors within them as part of some system to prevent damage (in case you somehow dropped it to the floor gently). You can download software (as I am doing this very moment) to utilize these sensors to help detect earthquakes. I’ll update how this works out.

There is some gathering buzz about podcasts and Alternative Reality Games [ARGs] as alternative mediums for fiction, a topic of some interest as I am currently working on a YA historical fiction project and a SF Role Playing Game. At the moment, I’m still working on getting the text right, particularly with the novel, as I have sworn to finish the actual novel before adapting it to any other media (there exists a theatrical version of the first few chapters).

On that subject, it seems I’ll have to re-write the opening lines of my novel. It starts: “It hadn’t rained like that since the day I was born…” which is too close to “Dark and stormy night” for most agents and editors.

And hey, if you’d like to be on the preview/feedback list for either of those projects, leave a comment, and we’ll find a way to get in touch without broadcasting our e-mails to every spammer on the internet.

Though I suspect that all six people who regularly read this blog are on that list already.

OK – I can’t quite leave it all the way alone.

Three countries whose economies are far, far worse than ours:

Haiti: food, when available at all, is priced out of reach of just about everybody. They are a week away from outright famine.

Zinbabwe: inflation so bad they are literally adding 0’s t the currency trying to keep up.

Russia: closing trading on a reglar basis to prevent a total meltdown. A little to do with the global credit crunch. A lot to do with near certain economic sanctions regarding the occupation of Georgia, which Putin has made into some sort of demented personal crusade.

So even if the economic food chain is wobbly, we’re still pretty much on top of it.


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