Sources of Weirdness and despair [9/16/08]

I’m going to start collecting a list of random fact blogs, starting with Unnecessary Knowledge. This lists a new random fact every time you refresh it.

This is not from the above site, my dauighter was simply proud she knew it: slugs have four noses.

This has been making the rounds: Both Senator Obama and Senator McCain to the time to answer written science questions (about policy – not are you smarter than your intern) from Science Debate 2008. Surprisingly, I found McCain’s answered the questions with as much thought and detail as Obama. If I were a science-only voter (I think there might e six of them in the republic) he might even get my vote – until I reflected that his running mate is a creationist, on the record that Earth is less than 7000 years old.

Sherwood Forest – yes, that one – has shrunk to less than 450 acres.

The wages of deregulation are failure and bankruptcy – no wait, we’ve known that since 1932. It’s like railing against the traffic signals for holding up traffic. They only have to be off for a few hours before you realize why we put them there…

Finally, if you want some depressing portals on the world, you can subscribe to Reuters AlertNet, which will inform you that South Africa has one of the highest HIV rates in the world because local superstition equates the disease with the creation of undead zombies. And that south-asian women, having to wade through flood waters all the time, are contracting high rates of vaginal infections.

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