Tne Energy Revolution [9/13/08]

I decided to actually title these posts. I may go back to just using dates. We’ll see. I’m trying to avoid a lot of hard/fast policies with this blog. I do it for fun, you see.

My synergy from the Sunday talk shows: the energy revolution is real, and its coming and its going to redistribute wealth like a hurricane redistributes boats and trailers. That’s my opinion, but my most articulate source is Thomas Friedman and his inteview on CNN’s GPS.

Of course, Friedman mentions several times that he goes into this in some detail in his new book(which I’ll likely read, but find it yerself). But his premise was that those who innovate are going to win big, and those who dig i with fossil fuels are going to perish. But it will take a while.

The central difference between this and other technological revolutions is that the old technology is pre-existing and cheaper. For now.

Here’s a fact I know in that regard. To replace my water heater with a standard gas heater runs about $800. To replace t with a solar heater – even after rebates – runs about $1500. That pays for itself over a couple of years, but if you have only a thousand to spend in the first place – that’s still not a choice at all.

But yet the world keeps heating, and the oil fields keep shrinking.

Those tax rebates have yet to be renewed by Congress.

GPS, BTW, is the Sunday talk show for true wonks. There are no campaign surrogates exchanging sound bytes. Fareed Zakaria interviews actual experts about things going on in the world.

(I mean, really, how difficult is it to determine where Senator Boxer (D-CA) stands on abortion? Do I really need Wolf Blitzer to ask that question for me?)

Buck Roger’s actual first name is Anthony in the original novellas, but was William in the 1980’s movies and TV series.

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